Bill Curley Girls ClinicGrouping of players will be determined by two factors: Gender and skill-level. There will be no co-ed teams and every attempt will be made to group players of similar abilities.

Each day we will focus on various individual skills, such as, moving without the ball, shooting, rebounding, ball handling, defense, and strength conditioning. This will be accomplished through a variety of drill stations and mini-lectures. The drill stations are designed to keep every player active with as little wait time as possible. At all stations, players will see every skill broken down into its simplest components so that they will be able to master the fundamentals of the game of basketball.

ConditioningOur conditioning stations are created using the latest functional training methods. They are designed to teach players how to maximize their athletic abilities while limiting the number and severity of injuries. Generally, conditioning stations are a favorite among campers. These stations are not about how strong a player is, but how fast, explosive, and quick the player will become. There are no short cuts to conditioning; the big secret to our success is that the conditioning drills are designed to be fun. It becomes apparent to all campers that the more effort they put in, the more they’ll get out of the conditioning drills. We try to stress to all players that there is no need to go to a fancy gym to stay in playing shape. All the drills can be replicated at home with little to no equipment.

Small Ball GameIn addition to drill stations, the players will participate in games of 1-on-1, 3-on-3, 4-on-4, and 5-on-5. The motivation behind playing with various numbers is two-fold: We want the campers to get maximum playing time while recognizing that it is not necessary to have ten players to play pick-up games. We encourage our players to play anytime, anywhere, with whom ever is available. They key to a becoming a good player is realizing it is not who you play, but how you play. Players are taught to focus on playing to their ability, regardless of the competition, with a strong emphasis on fundamental skills.