See What People are Saying About Bill Curley Basketball Clinics

Connie Ganser, Metrowest and AAU Youth Coach

A camp that goes beyond the usual summer sport camp experience‚ ‘full time expert coaching by professional players and coaches with focus on fundamentals‚’ the perfect combination to help players bring their game to the next level.

Shannon PSHS‚ ’05

I’m a junior at Plymouth South High School and play center on our varsity team. I go to a lot of camps over the summer to improve my game in the off-season. Billy Curley’s camp is by far my favorite. We do a lot of drills, but Billy makes them fun to play and helps kids get excited about doing them. I’ve improved my game and learned a lot of exercises thanks to the Bill Curley Camp. The staff is excellent and everybody seems to really care about the improvement of the players. Billy’s camp is a family camp and by the end of my first week there I felt like part of the family. I then signed up for their camp in Duxbury and drove there every morning because I found the camp to be so helpful. I’m excited for this summer and can’t wait to attend the Bill Curley Camp again!

Catie Moore DHS ’05

Catie MooreOf all the athletic camps I have attended, yours gave me the highest level of friendly competition, instruction and fun! The drills and exercises you have taught me have helped tremendously in my off-season training in terms of skills, physical conditioning and injury prevention. When I look back on all my basketball experiences, being coached by you, your brothers, and your NBA friends has been the highlight! Thanks for all you have done for me over the years.

Malcolm Huckaby, Miami Heat

Malcolm Huckaby, Miami HeatThis camp is for the player who wants to improve his or her game.

Mike Knapp, Capt. DHS‚ ’05

Mike KnappThe Curley brothers have influenced me both on and off the court. They run their camp with the same passion with which they live their lives. With so many professional athletes proving themselves as poor role models in our lives, it is refreshing to find such humble leaders. This is the most rewarding, complete, and fun camp I have ever attended. You get out of it what you put into it.

Colleen Nanery Marte Dea‚ ’03

A terrific camp‚ ‘the unique strength’ of this camp is the full time hands on coaching by professional players and coaches. This expert coaching brings real learning and significant individual player growth and improvement.

Brian Peckrill DHS, Captain ’05

Brian PeckrillOver the past 6 years I have participated at multiple camps, one being your camp. Every camp helps ones basketball skills, but I have always felt that your camp a different, but ultimately a better and more effective approach. While most camps focus on playing basketball as much as possible, your camp focuses on workouts which will improve your basketball ability, then we play basketball. Also at your camp, you teach us the right way to play basketball. Your camp is not only fun, but also helped me as a basketball player. As a senior, I was a captain, starter and a league all-star, without the skills I learned at your camp, these achievements would not have been possible.