Goals & Philosophy

Bill Curley Basketball ClinicOpen to boys and girls, our camp is geared toward helping each camper work to his/her potential. Campers will learn to appreciate the fundamental skills required to play basketball by participating in drills that they can continue to work on independently once camp is over. Every player will work hard, learn to be competitive, and have fun in preparation for future basketball play. Campers will learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship and how both are paramount to their future successes both on and off the court.

Reasons to Join the TEAM!

Billy, Mickey, Matt, and Summer have played at every level of basketball – from recreation to the NBA, and everywhere in between. They’ve coached teams from at many levels – from youth leagues to collegiate. They’ve played under the labels of best player, role player, and bench player on their respective teams, giving them unique and well-rounded perspectives on team play. All other counselors are hand-picked by Billy and his brothers.

Resources and Connections

Billy has played with and for the best the basketball world has to offer. His experiences and associations enable him to bring the latest skills and drills to camp. Whether it is a new shooting drill or condition drill that will better prepare the player, to reach there goals as a basketball player whether it is to be the best player on a team make a team or to just have a better appreciation and understanding of basketball.

Talent Level
Facilities & Equipment
Become a Better Player
Have Fun!